Joyful tenants

Christmas Displays for Building Lobbies

Inspire joy in tenants, guests, and employees with world-class holiday displays by Rent-A-Christmas.

Building lobby courtyard at night

Custom Holiday Displays

We’ll manage the decorations so you can manage your property

Let Rent-A-Christmas design your holiday display so you can focus on maintenance & operations.

Giant Christmas Trees

Inspire tenants with a giant Christmas tree approved for both indoor & outdoor use.

Large-Scale Christmas Trees

Pre-Decorated Greenery

Streamline your holidays with designer-curated Christmas trees, wreaths, and garland with pre-attached ornaments and lights.

Pre-Decorated Christmas Greenery

Greenery Walls

Transform bare walls into an immersive holiday display with full walls of pre-lit and pre-decorated holiday greenery panels.

Greenery Accent Walls

Temporary Holiday Lighting

Highlight your building lobby by adding Christmas lights anywhere you want.

Hanukkah Décor

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with oversized Hanukkah décor including menorahs and dreidels.

Hanukkah Decor


Cultivate a unique holiday display with all-natural Manzanita, harvested from Northern California.

Natural Manzanita Displays

Props & Figures

Build unique holiday moments with holiday props and figures from Rent-A-Christmas.

Props & Figures

Custom Décor

Partner with a Display Designer to create a Christmas display as unique as your property.

Christmas Decorating Benefits

Delight tenants & guests at the most wonderful time of the year

Decorating for Christmas has numerous benefits for your managed property.

Increase Visibility of Your Property

Differentiate your building from neighboring buildings with holiday décor that helps your property stand out.

Create a Welcoming Environment

Cozy decorations can add warmth and comfort to your building lobby, inviting tenants to feel more at ease before they even walk in the door.

Foster Community

Holiday decor can spark social interaction and serve as a gathering place for tenants & guests.

Boost Morale

Studies show that holiday decorations elicit positive emotional response for tenants, guests, & staff.

Celebrate Diversity

Thoughtfully chosen holiday decorations can represent a variety of cultural celebrations, fostering an inclusive environment that embraces diversity.

Learn more about the impact of holiday decorating for building lobbies on The Yule Blog.

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Featured Client

The Buchanan

The Buchanan is one of New York City’s most elegant historic apartment buildings, with a gracious courtyard garden, arcaded passageways, and handsome Renaissance Revival brick façade. It offers “the best of all worlds – classical residential features along with contemporary lifestyle amenities just steps from the heart of Midtown Manhattan.” When looking for a decorating partner, The Buchanan reached out to Rent-A-Christmas on a mission to provide its residents with a holiday display to complement its stunning features & contemporary vibe. The Rent-A-Christmas design team put together a display featuring pre-decorated greenery adorned with just the right amount of sparkle to bring the lobbies & courtyard to life with the magic of the season.

Building lobby courtyard at day

Professional Installation Services

Full-cycle support has entered the building

From pre-season planning to post-season wrap-up. Then we do it all again next year.

An illustration depicting the full cycle of commercial Christmas decorating.

Site planning & installation

Rent-A-Christmas engineers and managers work with you to create a plan to ensure your installation is as smooth as possible.

Take-down & storage

After the season, we restore your building lobby back to its pre-holiday state, and can store your decor in our off-site facilities.

Maintenance & refurbishment

Like many things in life, Christmas decorations may also need a little TLC to ensure they dazzle year after year.

Have your own crew?

Rent-A-Christmas can support your self-installation project with products and services to meet your company's unique needs. .

Pre-Decorated Greenery

Out-of-the-box Christmas greenery, in more ways than one

Rent fully-decorated Christmas trees, wreaths and garland for commercial and personal end-use.

Our predecorated Christmas Trees

Designer-curated styling

Created by Rent-A-Christmas designers to offer a unique and complimentary aesthetic to your existing decor or brand.

Pre-attached decor & lights

Pre-decorated greenery comes right out of the box with pre-attached ornaments and warm white lights.

Door-to-door delivery

Get your professionally decorated greenery shipped to your door and delivered just in time for the holidays.

Ready to transform your building lobby?

Experience Christmas decorating with the modern Christmas decorating company - Rent-A-Christmas.

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