Christmas Decor Rentals for Entertainment Productions

Rent-A-Christmas can supply the holiday props you need to create the perfect holiday ambiance for your next stage, film, or photo production.

Christmas decor on a sound stage

Christmas Decor for Rent

Access to virtually any Christmas decorations you need

Though our decor may look like it comes straight out of a Hallmark movie, we'll do our best not to steal your show.

Pre-Decorated Christmas Greenery

Whenever decorated greenery is needed, save time and rent from the modern Christmas decorating company.

Pre-Lit Christmas Greenery

Our fully rectified pre-lit LED greenery does not flicker so you won't have to worry about how it appears on camera.

Props & Figures

Santa sets, life-size nutcrackers, & holiday animal figures are just the start of what Rent-A-Christmas can provide.

Hanukkah Displays

Get oversized Menorahs for inclusive holiday films & productions.

Pre-Decorated Greenery

Out-of-the-box Christmas greenery, in more ways than one

Rent fully-decorated Christmas trees, wreaths and garland for commercial and personal end-use.

Our predecorated Christmas Trees

Designer-curated styling

Created by Rent-A-Christmas designers to offer a unique and complimentary aesthetic to your existing decor or brand.

Pre-attached decor & lights

Pre-decorated greenery comes right out of the box with pre-attached ornaments and warm white lights.

Door-to-door delivery

Get your professionally decorated greenery shipped to your door and delivered just in time for the holidays.

Featured Client

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Christmas on I.C.E. Special

As if political tension in America in 2018 wasn't high enough, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee went ahead to satirize our political landscape with their very own Christmas on I.C.E. special. And guess who they chose to partner with to create their perfectly silly, outrageously spunky talking Christmas tree? That's right - Rent-A-Christmas. You can see many of the decorations provided by Rent-A-Christmas in the Christmas on I.C.E. commercial, below.

Disclaimer: Rent-A-Christmas does not take credit for all decor featured in the production. The video link below may contain content that some viewers find offensive. The views expressed in the video do not necessarily represent views shared by Rent-A-Christmas.

Sound stage decorated with Christmas decor

Stage Production

Darren Criss Concert

In 2019, Darren Criss' stage manager partnered with Rent-A-Christmas to create a cozy, wintry backdrop against which the actor and singer could perform. It was a lovely evening which ended with the perfect outcome —holiday glee.

Concert stage with Christmas decor up closeChristmas concert with Christmas trees

Get your holiday production props from the modern Christmas decorating company — Rent-A-Christmas