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What is Rent-A-Christmas?

Rent-A-Christmas is the only Christmas decorating company serving commercial and residential customers that packages commercial-grade Christmas decorations and a full-service Christmas decorating service with a one-of-a-kind team of full-costume elf-installers, the Rent-A-Christmas Elf Squad.


Storage Free

Rent-A-Christmas solves one of the biggest challenges to post-holiday decorating — clean-up and storage.


Magically Easy

Our full-service offering makes commercial and residential holiday decorating easier than ever before.


Super Fun

The jolly, fully costumed Rent-A-Christmas Elf Squad brings holiday cheer to commercial and residential properies.

Best Traditional Christmas Decorations

Shop the best traditional Christmas decorations by customer popularity.

Best Flocked Christmas Decorations

Shop the best flocked Christmas decorations by customer popularity.

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