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10 Christmas Decorating Benefits for Your Business + FAQs

Discover ten compelling advantages of decorating your business for Christmas from increased customer engagement to boosting employee morale and fostering a festive atmosphere.

by | September 28, 2023

A professionally decorated Christmas Tree and other holiday decor showcase the benefits of decorating a business for the holidays.

As the holiday season approaches, a special magic fills the air, and it's a sentiment that can extend well beyond the threshold of our homes and into our workplaces. Embracing the spirit of Christmas through thoughtful decorations isn't just about cultivating a sense of festive cheer; it's a strategic move for businesses that can yield substantial benefits. The warm and welcoming glow of twinkling lights, the sight of beautifully adorned spaces, and the overall ambiance created by these decorations can work wonders for your company's image and operations.

Whether you run a restaurant, a clothing store, a hotel, or a hospital, there’s always a reason to deck the halls. And the effects they’ll have on clients, customers, and employees alike will help make this a yearly tradition that everyone will look forward to.

Decorations Help Create A Welcoming Environment

Cozy Christmas decorations add warmth and comfort to any space. You’d be amazed at how a festive tree and bright red bows can make even a sterile doctor’s office or large town hall feel more like home. Even the Journal of Emotional Psychology agrees, stating that it increases perceptions of sociability and friendliness. 

When you deck your business out, guests will feel more at ease before they walk in the door. And when they feel welcomed, they stick around for longer and just might come back repeatedly if they’re really satisfied.

The Right Decorations Foster a Sense of Community

When shared spaces feature communal holiday decorations, you’ll notice a sense of togetherness amongst everyone there. According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, those who decorate their environment see a vast improvement in their mental well-being.

When you remind them what time of year it is, your employees and guests are more likely to treat each other kindly. You’ll see them compliment each other more often, offer to help with tasks, or bring in food for everyone just because. And who knows, you just might be inspired to host a holiday charity benefit of your own.

A Simple Way to Improve Employee Well-Being and Happiness

As much as we love them, the holidays are indeed a stressful time for many. And it’s especially rough if you work in retail, food service, or any hospitality industry. Fortunately, adding holiday decor can have a surprisingly calming effect on your employees. The Journal of Marketing noted how a person’s physical environment can influence and enhance behavior. So your employees will notice reduced stress and better emotional well-being — even in the most fast-paced environments — as a result.

Eye-Catching Decor Inspires Word-of-Mouth Promotion

When customers love your decor, they won’t just want to visit you more often. They’re also more likely to tell friends, family, and coworkers all about you and your services. At least, that’s what the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management concluded in a recent study.

Remember, unique or eye-catching displays make fantastic photo opportunities for customers and employees alike. And if they share enough of those pictures on social media, you might go viral and see more business than you have in years. Talk about a Christmas miracle!

’Tis the Season to Celebrate Diversity

In recent years, both society and the holiday industry as a whole have begun to acknowledge two things:

  1. Not everyone celebrates Christmas
  2. Those that do don’t always celebrate the same way.

And there’s no reason why your decorations can’t acknowledge this. Thoughtfully chosen holiday decorations can represent a variety of cultural celebrations. In turn — the Society for Human Resource Management states — it can foster an inclusive environment that embraces Diversity.

From a multicultural Christmas tree to a menorah or kanara, there are many ways to incorporate different backgrounds into your decor. While some might believe that inclusion takes away from their favorite holiday, we suggest looking at the pie analogy another way. Instead of getting smaller slices, everyone gets their own pies and is happy and satisfied throughout the season.

Boost Employee Morale When They Need It Most

Remember, when your employees feel better, they also perform better. Even if your business doesn’t see customers — like an office or school — holiday decorations still create a positive and joyful atmosphere. As the Journal of Marketing said, a positive physical environment can reduce overall stress and enhance morale. This, in turn, makes for more predictive work days and increased profits throughout the end of the year.

Elevate Customers’ Perceptions of Your Business

Customers will see your business in a much different light once the place is all spruced up. Studies show that customers consistently perceive higher quality of service and price value in establishments decorated for Christmas. The Journal of Service Management even confirmed this in a recent study — when they see you fully embracing the season, everything else looks and feels even better. It’s a simple yet effective way to make them more satisfied with your products or services.

Promote Customer Satisfaction Throughout the Holidays

The right decorations won’t just make your business look better aesthetically. According to the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, customers are generally happier throughout their visit. In a recent survey, guests reported significantly higher satisfaction levels and positive emotions in decorated settings. Overall, they’ll be much happier with their overall experience — meaning repeat business throughout and after the holiday season.

Take the Time to Increase Your Property’s Visibility

We know all about the benefits for word-of-mouth and social media promotion. But did you know the right decor can also help your property stand out? It’s super beneficial if your business is typically hard to find or has a storefront that matches all of your neighbors.

Liven up the outside with super fancy garlands, wreaths, and lights to help you stand out. And if you have large ground-floor windows, create an eye-catching display --- even if you don’t have a Saks Fifth Avenue budget. Combine your products and signs with figurines, baubles, and snowflakes for a fun and creative scene.

The Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services even conducted a study on window displays in November 2022. When customers know what to expect from the outside looking in, they’ll feel much more comfortable entering your business.

Give Everyone a Chance to Embrace Tradition

According to the Journal of Family Psychology, traditions allow us to feel more connected to our past and provide a sense of stability. And by adding decor that features local traditions and cultural elements, they can make everyone feel more connected to your business. So when choosing a set-up, pick items you know will leave an impression and give everyone something to look forward to for many years to come. In turn, everyone will feel like they’re a part of something bigger. What better way to satisfy both customers and employees alike?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is professional Christmas decorating and how do I choose a partner?

You may be surprised to learn that there is an entire industry of professional Christmas decorators across the globe. However, not all holiday decorators are equal. When considering a professional holiday display partner, you want to make sure the company has access to a wide range of products to help you achieve your desired look while integrating seamlessly into your existing decor. After all, your business wasn’t built specifically to showcase Christmas Decor which makes having a competent, experienced Christmas design partner to maximize its impact all the more important.  

As the modern professional Christmas decorators, Rent-A-Christmas has experienced Christmas Display Designers on staff who will help you navigate the thousands of commercial products that are available in market. What's more, Rent-A-Christmas Display Designers and Account Executives know exactly what it takes to create the perfect holiday display for your town or city. To cap it all off, we employ modern technology and tools to help our project managers, site engineers, and installers execute your display to perfection. After the season ends, we take it all down and store it in our professionally-maintained storage facilities to make sure your display looks great year-over-year.

How much should I spend on a holiday display?

This is somewhat of a tricky question as it depends greatly on the type of business you operate and the amount of space you have to decorate. For a moderate professional holiday display, you can expect to spend at least $10,000, inclusive of decor and professional installation. Some businesses opt to spend even more, with some displays costing north of $50,000. While you might have some sticker shock - you can expect a return on this investment from a variety of decorating benefits.

When should I start planning my Christmas display?

Another tricky question but the best advice we can offer is to start planning your holiday display as early in the year as possible. Many Rent-A-Christmas clients begin planning their displays in Q1 and Q2 as it can take 3-6 months to plan the perfect display, but if you are late to the game, we can always create a smaller display for year 1 and expand on it for later years. Most business leaders don't run their company thinking only about Christmas, but have no fear - we do!

How do I get started with my professional holiday display?

This is an easy one! Just get in touch with Rent-A-Christmas and we can begin brainstorming ideas to help you maximize your holiday impact. We can even help promote your holiday display by creating content to drive even more traffic to your business on The Yule Blog - the world's most comprehensive Christmas blog - for free! Yeah, we do that.