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A Presidential Christmas: How the White House Shapes Our Holiday Traditions

From Christmas trees to Holiday cards, many Christmas traditions & customs have been influenced by how U.S. presidents celebrated Christmas in the White House.

by | February 20, 2023

White House during holiday season with Christmas Wreaths on Windows, Washington DC

Christmas is one of the most beloved holidays in America, with traditions and customs that are celebrated throughout the country. Many of these traditions and customs have been influenced by the way that U.S. presidents celebrated Christmas in the White House. From Christmas trees to Christmas cards, the presidential celebration of Christmas has had a significant impact on American holiday traditions.

Follow the Elf squad as we explore the history of Christmas in the White House and how the presidential celebration of Christmas has helped shape American Christmas traditions.

Early White House Christmas Celebrations

The first recorded celebration of Christmas in the White House occurred in 1800 when President John Adams held a small gathering for his family and close friends. However, it was not until the 1820s that White House Christmas celebrations became more widespread.

During the presidency of James Monroe, the White House held a formal Christmas reception in 1823. The reception featured eggnog, cakes, and a small Christmas tree that was decorated with ornaments and presents for the children in attendance. The tree was an immediate hit, and it became a tradition that has lasted to this day.

The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree in the White House was further popularized during the presidency of Franklin Pierce in the 1850s. Pierce's wife, Jane, decorated the tree with candles and ornaments, and it was the first Christmas tree to be lit with electric lights.

The Presidential Christmas Card

The Christmas card is another holiday tradition that was popularized by U.S. presidents. The first presidential Christmas card was sent by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953. The card featured a reproduction of a painting by J. Knowles Hare called "The Nativity," and it was signed by both President Eisenhower and his wife, Mamie.

The tradition of the presidential Christmas card continued under subsequent administrations, with each president putting their unique stamp on the card. Some presidents opted for religious themes, while others chose to highlight American landmarks or historical events.

The First Lady's Role in White House Christmas Celebrations

The first lady has always played a significant role in White House Christmas celebrations. From selecting the theme and decorations to overseeing the festivities, the first lady's touch can be seen in every aspect of the White House Christmas.

One of the most influential first ladies in terms of Christmas traditions was Jacqueline Kennedy. In 1961, she transformed the White House into a winter wonderland, with a tree in every room, and over 1,000 yards of blue velvet ribbon that was used to create a snow-like effect. Her vision of a magical Christmas inspired generations of Americans to create their own winter wonderlands at home.

Another first lady who had a significant impact on White House Christmas celebrations was Nancy Reagan. She oversaw the introduction of the gingerbread house, a White House tradition that has endured to this day. Mrs. Reagan's gingerbread houses were incredibly intricate, featuring miniature replicas of the White House and other landmarks.

The National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

One of the most iconic White House Christmas traditions is the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. The tradition began in 1923 when President Calvin Coolidge lit a Christmas tree on the Ellipse, just south of the White House.

The ceremony has continued every year since, with each president putting their own unique spin on the event. The ceremony features a massive Christmas tree that is decorated with thousands of lights, as well as musical performances, and a visit from Santa Claus.

The influence of the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony can be seen in communities across America, where similar ceremonies are held each year.

The White House Christmas Decorations

In addition to the Christmas tree, the White House is also known for its elaborate holiday decorations.

Each year, the first lady works with a team of designers and volunteers to create a festive and welcoming atmosphere for the holiday season. The decorations are typically unveiled in late November and remain on display throughout December.

The decorations often have a theme that is reflective of the current first lady's interests and passions. For example, Melania Trump's first White House Christmas had a theme of "Time-Honored Traditions," which included a display of Christmas trees decorated with ornaments from all 50 states.

Michelle Obama's White House Christmas themes often had a message of inclusivity and diversity. Her 2016 theme, "The Gift of the Holidays," celebrated the unique traditions of different cultures and faiths, with decorations that included a giant menorah and a display of African-American dolls.

The White House decorations have a significant impact on American Christmas traditions, with many people drawing inspiration from the displays to create their own holiday decor. In recent years, the White House Christmas decorations have become a major tourist attraction, with thousands of visitors flocking to see the displays each year.

Christmas Influencer In Chief

The celebration of Christmas in the White House has played a significant role in shaping American Christmas traditions. From the introduction of the Christmas tree to the creation of the presidential Christmas card, the influence of the presidency on American holiday traditions cannot be overstated.

As each president and first lady bring their own unique style and vision to the White House Christmas, we can expect to see new traditions and innovations that will continue to shape the way we celebrate the holiday season in America. We can't help but wonder what wonderful new traditions await us!

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