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5 Steps To Find Your Christmas Tree Style

Choosing a design style for your Christmas Tree is as important as picking the tree itself. Here are 5 tips to help achieve the right look for your space.

by | April 4, 2022

Christmas Tree Traditional Decor with Lights in Background

Finding the right Christmas tree style for your home or business is more involved than simply picking out a tree and adding some pretty ornaments to it. Your Christmas tree décor should be an extension of your personality, as well as reflect the style of the space around it. We sat down with our Lead Design Elf, Dash Evergreen, to put together 5 steps to help you choose the right decor for your Christmas tree. Dash has designed many of our top holiday displays and is responsible for the creation of our annual style guide, which showcases the various guided décor options we offer each year.

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Dash’s advice below will help you choose the overall style and theme of your Christmas tree. We also recommend you read our article, How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree, to learn more about the technical aspects of finding the right Christmas tree for your home or business.

Christmas Tree Decorated With Blue and White Flowers

1. Evaluate your space

When it comes to Christmas decorations, you can’t always just pick something that you think looks nice. You need to think about how that fully decorated Christmas tree will fit in your space. While you do need to measure the area, just making sure something will physically fit is not enough. You need to ask yourself if the design will match the style of what is already in your space.

“Is your space’s design style traditional? Maybe you’re a mid-century modernist? Do the many faces of bohemian design draw your fancy? Are you true contemporary visionary? Or do you prefer the gentle comfort of the modern farmhouse?


It is important to understand your personal design style when choosing a tree. Holiday decorations, while they are exciting and eye catching, should feel like a cohesive part of the place they are in. And when decorating for the holidays, you want to be sure to not overcrowd your space. While you may prefer the look of a full tree, sometimes a slim tree will leave a better foot print.”

White Christmas Tree Decorated With Silver and Gold Ornaments

2. Choose your colors 

A Christmas tree can be green, flocked, white, or any number of specialty colors, and the ornament color combinations are endless. Some colors go together better than others. While you want your holiday décor to stand out, you do not want them to clash with what is already in your home or business. It is important to think about the background your tree will stand in front of, and what accent colors are already present.

“Does your space and design lend itself more to a flocked tree, green tree, or something more unusual?

Each design has an ideal tree color pairing, however that doesn’t mean that a design would not look good on a different kind of tree. It really depends on what you are going for overall. After all, your tree is the canvas for your masterpiece of glittering baubles and trinkets so the background color is important.

Christmas Tree Decorated With Traditional Colors

3. Pick one of the the three "M's".

Are you looking for a minimal, moderate or maximalist style? When it comes to holiday decorations, less can be more. However, sometimes more can be even better. You need to consider how many ornaments you want to appear on the Christmas tree and what type of ornaments you prefer. Some people prefer just a few scattered balls, while others want a tree completely decked out in baubles, sprigs, garland, ribbon, and other specialty ornaments.

“Any design can be executed in three different approaches. Customers with a sparser modern home will find themselves drawn to a more traditionally Scandinavian minimalist approach. People with really opulent luxurious homes or those chasing a particular trend, may find that a maximalist approach is right for them. Or if your more traditionally geared, maybe a moderate look would be best!”

Christmas Tree Decorated With Traditional Farmhouse Style

4. Figure out your personal style

After looking at the space, it’s time to turn the focus internally. Think about your personality, or the culture of your business. How do you want people to feel when they see your tree? If you own a trendy restaurant, your diners may expect decorations they’d want to share on Instagram. If your space is more kid-friendly, something a little more whimsical may be the best approach.

“Would a classic, contemporary, themed, or trendy style tree suit my personal design style?


My favorite thing about holiday decorations is that they offer a wonderful opportunity to their hosts; holiday decor has the potential to elevate a space and act as an extension of your personality. Your tree style should not only complement, but also add. For instance, if you live in a traditionally decorated home, a classic tree may be right for you. But if you run a kitschy retail store, a themed tree might be the right direction. Always think about the vibe you are trying to convey!

Christmas Tree Decorated With Two Doves

5. Partner with an expert

Rent-A-Christmas offers several pre-decorated Christmas tree and greenery packages with a mix of styles, colors, and designs for nearly any occasion, but maybe you want something unique. Perhaps you want Christmas ornaments to match your company’s logo or a tree that highlights a particular product for a retail store display. Maybe you just want to have a Pink Christmas at home. The best thing about choosing your Christmas tree design is that you are only limited by your imagination.

“We offer Christmas tree packages in a variety of design styles, with multiple preset design schemes that should offer any home or business just the right look! But if we don’t happen to have the style that’s right for you, we can always put together a custom package that will suit your needs perfectly!”

We hope Dash’s 5 Christmas tree décor steps will help you pick out the perfect decorations to fill your space with Christmas Spirit. And once the Christmas tree design is decided, it’s time to start applying your newfound holiday style to Wreaths and Garland!