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Christmas Displays for Restaurants & Bars

Serve your customers a dish of Christmas cheer with holiday displays by Rent-A-Christmas.

The Chelsea Bell NYC bar area decorated for Christmas

Custom Holiday Displays

You serve your customers, we'll serve you

Let Rent-A-Christmas prepare your holiday decor so you can focus on delighting customers.

Pre-Decorated Greenery

Streamline your holidays with designer-curated Christmas trees, wreaths, and garland with pre-attached ornaments and lights.

Pre-Decorated Christmas Greenery

Temporary Holiday Lighting

Highlight your restaurant by adding Christmas lights anywhere you want.

Greenery Walls

Transform bare walls into an immersive holiday display with full walls of pre-lit and pre-decorated holiday greenery panels.

Greenery Accent Walls

Hanukkah Décor

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with oversized Hanukkah décor including menorahs and dreidels.


Cultivate a unique holiday display with all-natural Manzanita, harvested from Northern California.

Props & Figures

Build unique holiday moments with holiday props and figures from Rent-A-Christmas.

Props & Figures

Holiday-Themed Interactivity

Engage your patrons with an interactive holiday experience.

Custom Décor

Partner with a Display Designer to create a Christmas display as unique as your restaurant.

Christmas Decorating Benefits

Maximize revenue for the most important season of the year

Decorating for Christmas has numerous benefits for your bar or restaurant.

Elevate Customer Perception

Studies show that customers consistently perceive higher food quality and price value in restaurants decorated for Christmas.

Increase Per-Transaction Order Value

Multiple reports indicate greater per-transaction spend and greater overall spend in restaurants decorated for the holidays.

Promote Customer Satisfaction

In a hospitality survey, guests reported significantly higher levels of satisfaction and positive emotions in decorated restaurants vs. non-decorated restaurants.

Increase Word-of-Mouth Promotion

An international hospitality journal found that customers are more likely to recommend decorated restaurants to friends and others.
Learn more about the impact of holiday decorating for restaurants on The Yule Blog.

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Featured Client

The Chelsea Bell

With a name like The Chelsea Bell, Rent-A-Christmas designers had a clear vision right from the start for how to best add some special holiday magic. In addition to completely covering the ceiling in twinkling lights, there are plenty of giant jingle bells and traditional holiday bells hung throughout, all colored in red, green, or gold. We also set up multiple Christmas trees, walls of decorated greenery panels, and a festive stage complete with sparkling reindeer and even more bells!

The Chelsea Bell NYC stage area decorated for Christmas

Thanks to the decorations [by Rent-A-Christmas], we had up to 8 holiday parties each week. Many parties even had higher-than-expected attendance because everyone wanted to take pictures with the decor.

Kayla O., General Manager
The Chelsea Bell

Professional Installation Services

Raise your spirits to full-cycle support

From pre-season planning to post-season wrap-up. Then we do it all again next year.

An illustration depicting the full cycle of commercial Christmas decorating.

Site planning & installation

Rent-A-Christmas engineers and managers work with you to create a plan to ensure your installation is as smooth as possible.

Take-down & storage

After the season, we restore your restaurant back to its pre-holiday state, and can store your decor in our off-site facilities.

Maintenance & refurbishment

Like many things in life, Christmas decorations may also need a little TLC to ensure they dazzle year after year.

Have your own crew?

Rent-A-Christmas can support your self-installation project with products and services to meet your company's unique needs. .

Pre-Decorated Greenery

Out-of-the-box Christmas greenery, in more ways than one

Rent fully-decorated Christmas trees, wreaths and garland for commercial and personal end-use.

Our predecorated Christmas Trees

Designer-curated styling

Created by Rent-A-Christmas designers to offer a unique and complimentary aesthetic to your existing decor or brand.

Pre-attached decor & lights

Pre-decorated greenery comes right out of the box with pre-attached ornaments and warm white lights.

Door-to-door delivery

Get your professionally decorated greenery shipped to your door and delivered just in time for the holidays.

Ready to transform your restaurant?

Experience Christmas decorating with the modern Christmas decorating company - Rent-A-Christmas.

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