Short-term holiday rentals

Anytime, anywhere, for any reason

Add commercial-grade holiday decor to your event or occasion.

A set decorated for the holidays
Animals on set for a festive display
  • No need to purchase

    Eliminate the hassles of ownership for a one-time purpose

  • No need for storage

    Eliminate storage of holiday decorations after the project ends.

  • Design to your heart's content

    Effortlessly execute on your design vision.

Commercial-grade products

Great looking decorations

Allow your decorating dreams to become reality.

A family of light up golden deer A large polar bear statue A large flocked Christmas tree
  • Large selection of products

    Match our decorations to any desired aesthetic.

  • Commercial-grade quality

    Ensure your design looks as good as you planned.

Professional installation services

Access to the pros

Leverage our holiday decorating experience to support your project.

Fun characters at the NYPD Toy Drive
A festive setup for the NYPD Toy Drive
  • Product guidance and support

    Ensure you are using the right products for the right purpose.

  • Full-service holiday decorating

    Focus on your project by using the pros.

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