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Shake Shack Gets Frozen Transformation For The Holidays

Shake Shack's flagship NYC burger kiosk in Madison Square Park was transformed into a Winter Wonderland for the 2022 holiday season with Christmas lights & oversized snowflakes.

by | December 23, 2022

Shake Shack Madison Square Park Location covered in Christmas Lights and Oversized Snowflakes for the 2022 Holiday Season in NYC.

Thanks to all its grit and tenacity, New York City has been the birthplace of some incredible brands. And Shake Shack is among the Elf Squad’s favorites. Their handmade burgers, crinkle-cut fries, and homespun ice cream Shakes and custard-based Concretes are a welcome change from many other fast-food chains.

Shake Shack's flagship location in Madison Square Park is still as busy as ever. That’s why, every holiday season, they rely on the help of the Rent-A-Christmas Elf Squad to transform their stores into a full-on winter wonderland.

Shake Shack in Madison Square Park decorated for Christmas with Oversized Snowflakes on the roof - NYC

A Miracle in Madison Square Park

Given how busy this spot is today, it’s hard to believe that Madison Square Park had fallen into disrepair by the year 2000. That was when restaurateur Danny Meyer spearheaded a campaign to redevelop it, which included an art exhibit and a hot dog cart. By 2004, he replaced that cart with a kiosk and expanded the menu to include burgers, fries, and those now-signature concretes & milkshakes. Thus, the Shake Shack we know, and love, was born.

Nowadays, you’ll find locations across the country and parts of Asia and the Middle East, with each menu customized to fit local tastes. Although the original spot — right in the heart of NYC — is still its most popular almost two decades later.

Shake Shack NYC Madison Square Park location decoration with Christmas lights, icicle lights and oversized snowflakes in warm white, cool white and blue

Shake Shack Is Frozen For Christmas

Like other kiosks and food carts around New York, Shake Shack Madison Square Park doesn’t let cold winter weather slow them down. Even if this year's snowflake theming makes it look as though the iconic burger stand has frozen over. Guests can still line-up to enjoy warm burgers, and even some seasonal shakes — we especially love the Christmas Cookie.

Unfortunately, while some construction is blocking off the front-view of the iconic burger stand, you can still enjoy the thousands of lights - a wintery mix of warm white and cool white - as well as icicle lights and more than a dozen oversized snowflakes adorning the roof. Their burgers may never be frozen, but their building certainly looks like it is!

NYC christmas shake shack holiday decorations side of Madison Square Park burger kiosk with icicle lights and mix of warm white and cool white lights

If you are in the Madison Square Park area, be sure to stop by Shake Shack to see their holiday light display... and maybe pick up a Shackburger.

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