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Saks Fifth Avenue Is Frozen For The 2019 Holiday Season

Disney's Frozen 2 broke box office records but did you know that you can also experience it in person at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC for Winter 2019?

by | November 25, 2019

[This is an archived post. Saks Fifth Avenue changes their window displays and holiday experiences every holiday season. Want to know more about Christmas lights? Check out our post, A LITE HISTORY OF CHRISTMAS LIGHTS]

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Disney's Frozen 2 broke several box office records this weekend and is already on its way to becoming an even bigger phenomenon than the first film. While everyone knows that you can see Frozen 2 in theaters around the world, did you know that you can also experience the film in person in NYC? No, we aren’t talking about the hit Broadway Musical!

Merchandise featuring Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven and several new characters are popping up in stores everywhere. These items include everything from cute pajamas for the whole family to literally thousands of different toys on everyone’s Christmas wish lists. Saks Fifth Avenue partnered with Disney to produce a wide variety of exclusive Frozen 2 gifts that range from $15 slippers to $30,000 collectible dolls. No, we aren’t kidding - Roberto Coin Deluxe Diamond Doll Set. That Roberto Coin must be one talented Elf!

In addition to the exclusive merchandise, SAKS has turned their famous window displays into a Frozen 2 wonderland. The windows will feature key moments from the film. Building off of the traditional Christmas display, there will also be a special “Enchanted Forest” experience that costs an additional $5, with all proceeds going to charity. Not much is known about this immersive exhibit yet aside from its 35 minute runtime and the promise of experiencing the film like never before. We’ve already purchased our ticket and can't wait to check it out!

The window displays will be unveiled 7 pm tonight (November 25th, 2019) during a special ceremony featuring a performance by Idina Menzel. Selfie Yulepost, our resident Social Media Elf, will be on hand to capture the whole thing on our Instagram Live!