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Ronald Reagan Library Celebrates An American Christmas Story

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library is hosting a special holiday exhibit - An American Christmas Story - until January 8th, 2023!

by | December 16, 2022

An American Christmas Story is a special holiday exhibit currently on display at the Reagan Presidential Library in California

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Each year the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library in Simi Valley, CA creates a very special holiday exhibit. This year's chosen theme is sure to bring us all together for the holidays - An American Christmas Story. Read more about the 5,000 square foot Christmas Tree exhibit below and see how the Reagan Library celebrates Christmas with a little help from the Elf Squad.

About the Reagan Library

As the only nonprofit organization founded by President Reagan, this non-partisan foundation continues to promote the former president’s ideals, principles, and legacy. Both history lovers and members of the local community visit the library and museum every year to learn more about his life story and political achievements. There, they’ll find 60,000 artifacts from his and Nancy’s lives, as well as a whopping 55 million papers from his decades-long political career. Of course, it serves an additional purpose as the final resting place for the former president and first lady. And visitors from all over the world are welcome to pay their respects.

Ronald Reagan Decorates Christmas Tree in Stock Photo from Reagan Library

A Presidential Christmas Time

Given how much Ronald and Nancy loved Christmas, it’s only fitting that the Reagan Library and Museum have their own fabulous holiday display. Every year, they pack their 5,000-square-foot exhibit with Christmas trees and decorate them to match a selected theme. And this year’s theme is “An American Christmas Story,” featuring 60 trees representing a different state or American territory. And it wouldn’t happen without help from the Elf Squad — more than half the trees in their exhibit come from us here at Rent-A-Christmas. According to Chief Marketing Officer Melissa Giller, these decorations bring an extra sense of magic and escapism to Southern California.

“We want to be our community's winter wonderland - a way to get away, even if in your own backyard, and experience the beauty of the holidays."Melissa Giller, Reagan Library

Of course, they supply some of their own magic as well. One tree even features  ornaments that Ronald and Nancy Reagan would use every year at Christmas. The exhibit also includes unique artifacts from around the world, as well as some Hanukkah menorahs that Reagan received during his term. Photographers take special family photos throughout the self-guided tours and are even joined by Santa Claus on select days. 

As an added bonus, you can also sponsor one of their many trees to support the Reagan Academy’s college scholarship and student leadership programs. You’ll receive some amazing perks including 10 complimentary tickets, a copy of Raymond Arroyo’s The Wise Men Who Found Christmas, and even an ornament directly from your chosen tree.

State Christmas Trees on display at the Reagan Library An American Christmas Story Exhibit

Holiday Events at the Reagan Library

Aside from the exhibit, the Reagan Library is also hosting some wonderful holiday events. Thursday, December 15th, 2022 is their festive Holiday Lunch and Tour, where you can enjoy a special prepared meal and dessert and a self-guided tour. Enjoy the museum, outdoor pavilion, and the holiday exhibit all while enjoying some wonderful Christmas music. And, of course, Santa will be there with all his trusty photographers.

Then, on the 31st, ring in 2023 with their annual New Year's Eve Celebration under the wings of Reagan’s Air Force One. You’ll be treated to a spectacular four-course meal and a complete tour of the presidential aircraft. Then ring in the new year with a live band, plenty of dancing, and all the standards of a New Year’s party — including the champagne toast at midnight. 

As President Reagan once said:

"May we give thanks for an America abundantly blessed, for a nation united, free, and at peace. May we carry forward the happiness of the Christmas spirit as the guiding star of our endeavors 365 days a year."President Ronald Reagan