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Make Your Own Candy Cane Favor Bags for Christmas

Learn how to make a fun treat this holiday season with Christmas Candy Cane bags - an easy Christmas activity that can be given as a gift or used in your holiday table setting.

by | October 24, 2022

Candy Cane and pom poms for Christmas Candy Cane Favor Bags

Why should Halloween have all the cool candy bags? Here’s a quick, fun activity to create candy cane treat bags. They can be used in multiple ways--to give out at parties as favors, to set out at place settings, or even to hang up on a mantel (lightweight treats only please!) This also makes a great kids’ activity at holiday gatherings!

Candy Cane Favor Bag Materials:

Small paper bags--ideally in red or white

Red and white construction paper


Glue and tape

Glitter Glue


Pom poms

Holiday stickers

Pens, pencils, and markers

How To Make Candy Cane Favor Bags:

  1. Measure the bag
  2. Next, draw the outline of a candy cane on a piece of red or white paper to be about two or three inches longer than the bag. Cut out the candy cane. (Adult supervision for young kids strongly suggested.)
  3. Kids can draw lines across the candy cane to represent stripes. They can either color every other space red or white, depending on what color paper they used (or another color, if they’re feeling bold) or color it in with markers or colored pencils.
  4. Set aside the candy canes and decorate the bags, using markers, tuckers pom poms, etc. Make sure the front of the bag has a smooth surface.
  5. Glue the candy cane onto the front of the bag—it’s OK if it’s bigger than the bag, but it should cover the entire front. If you want the bag to stand up, make sure the candy cane doesn’t cover the bottom.
  6. You can use these candy cane bags as place settings and write people’s names in glitter glue on them; hand them out filled with treats to guests as they leave a holiday bash; or even make mini versions for dolls or stuffed animals!

Enjoy your Candy Cane favor bags. To learn a little more about Candy Canes and how they became a Christmas tradition, check out Candy Canes - A Crooked Chronicle of Christmas Confectionary.

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