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Christmas Isn't Cancelled at HBO Max: 4 New Holiday Movies

After shelving multiple projects, Warner Bros Discovery announced four new holiday films coming soon to HBO Max including A Christmas Story sequel.

by | August 26, 2022

Peter Billingsley as Ralphie Parker Smiling on Red Slide after meeting Santa Claus in the beloved holiday classic Christmas movie, A Christmas Story

Looks like Christmas isn’t totally canceled at HBO Max after all!

Amidst all the drama at Warner Bros. Discovery with the streaming service, they’ve just announced the release dates of four upcoming holiday movies on HBO Max. This includes the much-anticipated sequel to A Christmas Story, titled A Christmas Story Christmas, which is set for release on November 17, 2022. There’s also Holiday Harmony and A Christmas Mystery — both scheduled for November 24, 2022. And finally, we can expect A Hollywood Christmas on December 1, 2022.

The much-hyped A Christmas Story sequel has a number of high-profile producers attached, including Vince Vaughn, Irwin Zwilling, and Jay Ashenfelter, along with star Peter Billingsley. Furthermore, it looks like ESX Entertainment producers Ali Ashfar and Daniel Aspromonte are having a very busy year. They helm the latter three films, along with plenty of other talented producers and directors. Let’s take a look at what’s officially coming to HBO Max this holiday season.

A Christmas Story Christmas

By the time we return to Cleveland, little Ralphie is now all grown up and a father himself. To give his kids the kind of Christmas he used to have, he returns to his childhood home in the old Tremont neighborhood. Along the way, Ralphie reunites with his old friends Flick and Schwartz, faces his bully Scut Farkus and comes to terms with The Old Man’s passing.

A Christmas Story Christmas is directed by Clay Kaytis and stars Erinn Hayes, Julianna Layne, River Drosche, RD Robb and Scott Schwartz, Zack Ward and Julie Hagerty. And best of all, Peter Billingsley is back to co-produce and reprise his iconic role as Ralphie.

A Christmas Story Christmas Releaser Date: November 17, 2022

Holiday Harmony

A singer-songwriter gets stranded in Harmony Springs, Oklahoma while on her way to a career-making Christmas Eve performance. Afraid that she won’t make it in time, she turns to the local Jack-of-all-trades for support. He encourages her to take a group of misfit kids under her wing and set up her very own Christmas Eve gala. While she’s grown to love this little town, and the new man in her life, she struggles to choose between following her dream or starting a brand new life.

Holiday Harmony is directed by Shaun Paul Piccinino and stars Annelise Cepero, Jeremy Sumpter, Carla Jimenez, Sisanie, Amy Brown, Michael Wiseman, Seth Colton, Sophia Reid-Gantzert, Jordyn Curet, Richard Perrie, Kayden Franco, Ryder Franco and Brooke Shields.

Holiday Harmony Releaser Date: November 24, 2022

A Christmas Mystery

A century ago, a young boy living in Pleasant Bay, Oregon found a small set of Santa’s magical jingle bells. Since then, the small town has seen nothing but peace and prosperity year after year. Fast forward to the present day and, to everyone’s horror, the bells suddenly go missing. That’s when a fearless group of kids set out to solve the mystery and find the bells, restoring the Christmas magic they’ve known and loved all their lives.

A Christmas Mystery is directed by Alex Ranarivelo and stars Violet McGraw, Eddie Cibrian, Christoph Sanders, Drew Powell, Lauren Lindsey Donzis, Santino Barnard and Leonardo Cecchi, Beau Bridges and Oscar Nuñez.

A Christmas Mystery Releaser Date: November 24, 2022

A Hollywood Christmas

An up-and-coming Hollywood filmmaker is best known for her holiday films, yet she suddenly finds herself stuck in her own Christmas movie cliches. During production of her latest project, she’s faced with everything from actors falling in love on set to her own romantic feelings towards a new nemesis — a handsome network executive threatening to shut down all her hard work. Can she pull it together in time to complete her movie and get her life back on track?

A Hollywood Christmas stars Jessika Van, Josh Swickard, Anissa Borrego, Riley Dandy, Zak Steiner, Tom Williamson, Emelia Hartford and Missi Pyle.

A Hollywood Christmas Releaser Date: December 1, 2022

HBO MAX Christmas 2022

After several Christmas movies and holiday specials were cancelled by Warner Bros, Discovery, it is great to see several original Christmas movies will be streaming on HBO Max this holiday season. While the Elf Squad hopes to one day get a chance to watch Batgirl and Scoob: Holiday HauntA Christmas Story Christmas is more than a consolation prize. In fact, it feels like a Major Award!