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24 Hour Christmas Movie Marathons Coming to TBS & TNT

In addition to the annual 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story, TBS and TNT has added marathons of Christmas Vacation and Elf to their holiday schedule!

by | November 24, 2022

TNT & TBS 24 Hour Christmas Movie Marathons include Elf, Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story

Warner Bros. Discovery networks TBS and TNT have some special holiday treats for us this year. From Thanksgiving Day through the chaos of Black Friday, both networks will air plenty of Christmas movies to mark the start of this holiday season. And best of all, they’re giving us all-day marathons of some standout classics throughout these Thanksgiving and Christmas weekends. No matter how hectic things get this year, you'll still have plenty of time to sit down and enjoy your old favorites.

Thanksgiving Weekend Is for Family

As your Thanksgiving dinner gets underway, you and your loved ones can watch Elf, followed by National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, on TNT. No need to worry if you miss them, since they’ll air again the following day. Meanwhile, on TBS, you’ll find a double feature of The Wizard of Oz and The Polar Express to accompany your Turkey Day. we’ll be treated to a great lineup that afternoon and evening — both classics are joined by Arthur Christmas and two separate showings of Fred Claus.

Sidenote — some of you might be wondering what The Wizard of Oz is doing in this lineup. Though not a Christmas movie. However, the fact that it was broadcast on Christmas for many years makes this film a holiday favorite for many older Americans.

Then, on Saturday November 26th, get ready for Elf to play all day long on TBS. No matter when you tune in, enjoy the Will Ferrell-led comedy as Buddy the Elf makes his way through New York City and reconnects with his birth family. And finally, on Sunday November 27th, TNT brings us an all-day marathon of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Follow the Griswold family as they try — and epically fail —  to have a super fun family Christmas.

A Holiday Marathon for Christmas Weekend

Fast forward one month to the big day, and we’re in for another holiday favorite. On both networks, we can expect all-day marathons of A Christmas Story running from Christmas Eve into Christmas night. And if you have HBO Max, you can follow it up with its brand-new sequel, A Christmas Story Christmas. No matter what you’re doing or who you’re with, the holiday adventures of Ralphie Parker are a great addition to any celebration.

Complete Thanksgiving and Christmas Schedules for TBS & TNT

Take a look at the full schedule below and see which of these fan-favorite films you want to watch. Whether you tune in to one or both networks, you’re in for two fun and festive weekends either way.

Thursday, November 24th, 2022 (Thanksgiving)


4PM - Elf

6PM - National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


6PM - The Wizard of Oz

8:15PM - The Polar Express


Friday, November 25th, 2022


12PM - National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

2PM - Elf


12:47PM - Arthur Christmas

2:41PM - Fred Claus

5:07PM - The Wizard of Oz

7:13PM - The Polar Express

9:01PM - Fred Claus


Saturday, November 26th, 2022

Elf 24-Hour Marathon begins at 6AM


Sunday, November 27th, 2022

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 24-Hour Marathon begins at 6AM


Saturday December 24th, 2022

A Christmas Story 24-Hour Marathon begins at 8PM on TBS and 9PM on TNT


Sunday December 25th, 2022

A Christmas Story Marathon continues until 8PM on TBS and 9PM on TNT