About Rent-A-Christmas

"Where will we store all the ornaments, though?"

That was the question that ignited it all. Before they opened the Satellite North Pole Office and began deploying Elves all over the city, Rent-A-Christmas co-founders & spouses, Skeeter Gumdrop & Sparkles Peppermint, were living in New York City and looking to decorate their 800 square foot Brooklyn apartment for the holidays as they used to at the North Pole. They instantly realized that their lack of storage space in their new city would be an issue once the season passed, so they thought:

"New York needs a rental solution!"

Fast forward to 2019, as the Elves head into their fifth merry season, Rent-A-Christmas has become a much-needed and much-loved tradition to global brands, local residents, and New York City businesses for all their Christmas decorating and winter-holiday needs.

What We Do

Rent-A-Christmas rents an extensive product line of high-quality real and artificial Christmas tree packages inclusive of skirt, star, lights, ornaments and tinsel; wreaths, garland & lights to New York City businesses, local residents & even those visiting New York City for the season.

Our full-costume Elves — everyone on our team is an Elf— deliver & install rentals at the beginning of the season, and come back after the holidays to remove and return all rented decorations, making Rent-A-Christmas the easiest way to decorate for Christmas in NYC.

Our Mission

What was once a demanding chore riddled with inconvenience, is now a fun and hassle-free experience, thanks to our unique end-to-end Christmas rental and decoration service. By combining the wonders of our intuitive online shopping platform with the magical power of our Elf squad, we are able to provide a genuinely unique and uncomplicated solution, inviting everyone to sit back and enjoy the best the season has to offer.

Our guiding values

We believe in the magic of Christmas.

We believe in maximizing time with family & loved ones.

We believe the holidays should be fun and carefree.

We believe Christmas decorating should be affordable.

Your own magical Christmas awaits. Let's create it together.

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