Red, silver, & white pre-decorated Christmas tree, lights on

Peppermint Perfection Red, Silver, and White Pre-Decorated Christmas Tree

Basic Description

A pre-decorated Christmas tree with red, silver, & white ornamentation and warm white LED lights.
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Available as part a custom display.

Request this product as part of a quote. We will contact you to build your dream holiday package.

Tree Size Guide

Use our designer tips to pick the right tree for your space.

8' Ceiling

6.5' trees are best for rooms with an 8' ceiling height.

9'-10' Ceiling

7.5' trees are best for rooms with 9'-10' ceilings.

12' Ceiling

9.5' trees are best for rooms with at least 12' ceilings.

13'+ Ceiling

12' & 15' trees are best for rooms with ceilings greater than 12'.

How It Works

So easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it

Set up designer Christmas greenery in just minutes.

A person renting online

Rent Online

Rent online or with a Rent-A-Christmas Account Executive.

A delivery truck

Shipped to you

Receive your pre-packaged rental decor at your home or business.

A family enjoying their decorations

Set up & enjoy in minutes

Take out of the box and enjoy all season.

Ship back

Use the postage-paid return label to send it back at the end of the season.

Frequently Asked Questions