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Martin Starr unleashes evil elves in the chaotic Christmas horror comedy, There's Something In The Barn, coming November 10, 2023 to theaters and VOD.

by | October 27, 2023

Martin Starr in There's Something In The Barn Christmas Horror Comedy Film

The holiday season is often synonymous with warmth, joy, and festive cheer, but for those seeking a different kind of yuletide experience, Christmas horror movies offer a thrilling escape into the darker side of the most wonderful time of the year. These films expertly blend the merriment of the season with spine-chilling tales that send shivers down the spine of even the most spirited viewer. From mischievous creatures wreaking havoc to ancient folklore-inspired terrors, Christmas horror has carved its niche in the cinematic landscape. Iconic films like Gremlins, where mischievous creatures disrupt holiday celebrations, and Krampus, a wickedly festive tale of a malevolent Christmas spirit, have become staples in the genre, delighting audiences with a perfect mix of holiday charm and hair-raising suspense.

Now, get ready for the brand-new Norwegian horror-comedy, There’s Something in the Barn, that brings us a combination of both mischievous creatures and dark holiday traditions. An American family, the Nordheims, moves into a remote cabin in the middle of Norway. They decorate for Christmas and plan to turn the space into a bed and breakfast. Unfortunately, their son Lucas finds out they’ve disturbed the ancient barn elf that resides there. And he will go to great lengths to ensure the Nordheims are gone for good. Can Lucas save his parents in time, or will this be their last Christmas ever?

Newcomer Townes Bunner stars as Lucas, while Martin Starr (MCU’s Spiderman trilogy) and Amrita Acharia (of Game of Thrones and The Serpent Queen) play his parents. They are joined by Jeppe Black Larsen (The Last Kingdom), Zoe Winther-Hansen (Catch and Release), and Kiran Shah (Andor). Aleksander Kirkwood Brown wrote the screenplay.

Director Magnus Martens enjoyed bringing a bit of Scandinavian folklore to the forefront. And by introducing them directly to foreigners in a holiday setting, it made for a much more exciting story.

“I love Christmas movies as much as anyone else, and having two kids, I have watched them all over the years around the holidays. But what all of us really seem to miss is a movie that has a new, fresh, and original approach, without losing the classic Christmas spirit. I truly believe that There’s Something in the Barn is what people are looking for.”

Magnus Martens, Director

There’s Something in the Barn debuts internationally on November 10th, 2023. Until then, check out the official trailer and if you come across any abandoned barns, be sure to follow all the rules...

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