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SILENT NIGHT - All Is Not Calm in John Woo's Christmas Thriller

Legendary Action Filmmaker John Woo returns to Hollywood with a Christmas Action Thriller starring Joel Kinnaman, in theaters December 1, 2023.

by | November 3, 2023

Joel Kinnaman stars in Silent Night, an action thriller from John Woo

As the snow falls and the sleigh bells ring, not all Christmas tales are wrapped in tinsel and tied with a bow; some unfold with the pulse-pounding beats of action and adrenaline. Christmas action movies have carved out their own festive niche, defying the conventional norms of cozy holiday narratives. From the iconic Nakatomi Plaza hostage situation in "Die Hard" to the dynamic partnership of Riggs and Murtaugh in "Lethal Weapon," these films bring explosive excitement to the season of giving. Forget the serene carolers and hearthside gatherings; these Christmas action classics remind us that sometimes the best way to spread holiday cheer is with a bang.

However, a legend in Hong Kong cinema is ready to make his big comeback with a Christmas action movie that flips the lights off and proves that sometimes, silence is golden. After 15 years, Mission Impossible 2 director John Woo returns to Hollywood with his latest action thriller, Silent Night. From the producers of John Wick, this film certainly sounds like a unique departure from the holiday action movies we all love. 

On Christmas Eve, a father and young son get caught in the crossfire of a gang shootout. The father awakes to learn his son is dead and he can no longer speak. With nothing more to lose, he sets out on a grueling training regiment to avenge his family. Get ready for lots of action-packed fights, car chases, and raw emotion — all without a word of dialogue.

The film stars Joel Kinnaman (Suicide Squad), who performed almost all of his own stunts. He is joined by rapper Kid Cudi, along with Catalina Sandino Moreno and Harold Torres. Robert Archer Lynn had the challenging task of creating a script with no dialogue, and according to Woo, he nailed it.

“It was a very smart script, and the story really touched me [because] I have three children. The biggest challenge is how do you make the audience accept a story without dialogue, and get them moved by the story, let them understand they’re not missing something.”

John Woo, Director

Silent Night debuts in theaters December 1st, 2023. 

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