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BET Plus Announces Full Schedule of 2022 Holiday Movies

BET Plus will stream 10 original holiday movies this Christmas season featuring Ne-Yo, Serayah, Vivica A. Fox, Romeo Miller and More.

by | November 7, 2022

BET Plus will stream 10 original holiday movies this Christmas season featuring Ne-Yo, Serayah, Vivica A. Fox, Romeo Miller and More.

As Christmas TV movies become more popular, more and more networks are now releasing their own. While Hallmark still reigns supreme, Lifetime has also given them some real competition. In recent years networks like Great American Family and streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have joined in. And now, BET Plus has announced ten original holiday films for this season.

With so many channels being criticized in recent years for their lack of diversity, BET's decision to create and produce their own films is more than welcome. BET Plus Executive Vice President and General Manager Devin Griffin recently sat down for an interview with Variety. And according to him, what’s most important to the network is bringing in more authentic Black stories and experiences to the holiday movie market.

"Year after year, our members devour holiday programming; in fact, our original holiday films continue to out-perform, which is why we’re committed to growing our investment in this area of the service. But it’s not just about meeting demand, it’s also about authenticity."Devin Griffin

BET Plus Holiday Lineup

Starting in November, BET Plus is airing a new film every Thursday leading up to Christmas. And as a special treat, we’re getting three separate movies on Thanksgiving Day. Check out their complete holiday lineup for 2022 to see which one you’re most looking forward to.

A Wesley Christmas

Adult siblings Chris, Todd and Cydney Wesley travel to their childhood home to celebrate Christmas with their parents and the entire Wesley family. With everyone together and all their physical and emotional baggage in tow, the annual Wesley family holiday promises to be a festive, hot-mess of a Christmas with life-changing impacts on the whole family.


Starring Dorien Wilson and Jasmine Guy

Directed by Patricia Cuffie Jones

Written by Bree West


A Wesley Christmas Premieres November 3rd, 2022 on BET Plus

The First Noelle

After 20 years of friendship, Terrance and Noelle finally decide to date each other but ultimately break up when Terrance moves to London for work. Now that Terrance is back in Atlanta for Christmas with his new girl, also named Noelle, our lead is determined to get him back and say goodbye to being friend-zoned forever.


Starring Novi Brown and LaLa Milan

Directed by Patricia Cuffie Jones

Written by Ariel Driskell and Patricia Cuffie Jones


The First Noelle Premieres November 10th, 2022 on BET Plus

Christmas Party Crashers

When two grifters meet after crashing the same millionaire’s Christmas party, they agree to work together to achieve each other’s ‘mission,’ not knowing that they would find something more than money or fame — true love.


Starring Skye Townsend and Cocoa Brown

Directed by Sheldon Epps

Written by Scotty Mullen and Chad Quinn


Christmas Party Crashers Premieres November 17th, 2022 on BET Plus

The Christmas Clapback

​Every year the three Miles sisters, Jasmine, Kira and Tisha, battle each other for a chance to win the neighborhood Christmas Church Cook-Off competition. But when Aaliyah, the vivacious Social Media Influencer, enters the competition, the sisters must choose to rise together or fall divided.


Starring Nadine Ellis and Porscha Coleman

Directed by Robin Givens

Written by Christopher Oscar Pena and Joy Kecken


The Christmas Clapback Premieres November 24th, 2022 on BET Plus

Holiday Hideaway

Carly is the queen of holiday celebrations, but her mistletoe misstep sends her running to a Holiday Hideaway that teaches her the importance of family, forgiveness and fighting for love.


Starring Camille Winbush and Vivica A Fox

Directed by Cole Patterson

Written by Sharon Brathwaite



Holiday Hideaway Premieres November 24th, 2022 on BET Plus

The Sound of Christmas

A down-on-her-luck music teacher leads a wealthy widower away from his gold-digging girlfriend and back to love and music during the Christmas holidays.


Starring Ne-Yo and Serayah

Directed by Booker T Mattison

Written by Booker T Mattison


The Sound of Christmas Premieres November 24th, 2022 on BET Plus

Rolling into Christmas

Two childhood sweethearts who shared a passion for roller skating are reunited 15 years later during the holidays, forcing them to question their love and life choices.


Starring Rhyon Nicole Brown and Brandee Evans

Directed by Trey Haley

Written by Greg Anderson


Rolling into Christmas Premieres December 1st, 2022 on BET Plus

A Miracle Before Christmas

With a little help from an angel, Mercedes Wright, a fast-talking popular relationship therapist with all the answers when it comes to fixing everyone else’s marriage, must now use the magic of Christmas to find the secret to save her own.


Starring LeToya Luckett, Romeo Miller, Keith David, Demetrius Shipp Jr and Paula Jai Parker

Directed by LazRael Lison

Written by LazRael Lison


A Miracle Before Christmas Premieres December 8th, 2022 on BET Plus

A Blackjack Christmas

A story of two sisters — one who migrated to and built a nice life in the US, while the other stayed behind in their native Jamaica. When addiction threatens to tear the family apart, the sisters find their way back to one another and rebuild their bond.


Starring Dawnn Lewis and Charmin Lee

Directed by Victoria Rowell

Written by Mezan Ayoka and Victoria Rowell


A Blackjack Christmas Premieres December 15th, 2022 on BET Plus

A Christmas Gift

In a failed attempt to cancel Christmas, the McKenzie’s find themselves ultimately navigating through unexpected guests, secrets and revelations that will have a lasting effect on their families.


Starring Blue Kimble and Noree Victoria 

Directed by Christopher A. Nolen

Written by Cassandra Mann


A Christmas Gift Premieres December 22nd, 2022 on BET Plus