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Backstreet Boys To Release Their Very First Christmas Album

Backstreet Boys announced they are releasing their first ever holiday album, “A Very Backstreet Christmas,” on October 14th, 2022.

by | July 18, 2022

Cover Image for Backstreet Boys New Holiday Album "A Very Backstreet Christmas"

Everybody, Backstreet’s back… and just in time for an early Christmas gift. You heard that right — the Backstreet Boys announced that they are releasing their first ever holiday album, “A Very Backstreet Christmas,” on October 14th, 2022. This will also be their first studio release in three years and their tenth album in total.

And fans are especially excited about this one, considering that it was delayed a whole year due to the pandemic. Before the delay, the group had discussed how proud they were of the final result calling this "one of our best creations yet" in an official statement. In a recent interview, co-founder Howie Dorough expressed how much they were looking forward to its release.

“We’ve been wanting to do a Christmas album for nearly 30 years now, and we’re beyond excited that it’s finally happening. We had such a fun experience putting our BSB twist on some of our favorite Christmas classics and can’t wait to be part of our fans’ holiday season.” 

Howie Dorough, Backstreet Boys

Cover Art for Backstreet Boys New Holiday Album "A Very Backstreet Christmas"

A Very Backstreet Christmas Tracklist

The group’s upcoming holiday release will feature a wide range of songs for everyone to enjoy. You’ll find some very beloved Christmas classics along with covers of pop culture favorites. They’ve even recorded three original songs —- “Happy Days,” “Christmas in New York,” and “Together” — which are sure to become new favorites. Exclusive copies sold at Target stores will also include two additional tracks, including their 2012 single, “It’s Christmas Time Again.” And, as an added bonus, the group is also selling red vinyl versions directly through their official website. It’s the perfect gift for any longtime or recent fan.

Here’s the complete tracklist for A Very Backstreet Christmas:

  1. “White Christmas”
  2. “The Christmas Song"
  3. “Winter Wonderland”
  4. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”
  5. “Last Christmas”
  6. “O Holy Night”
  7. “This Christmas”
  8. “Same Ole Lang Syne”
  9. “Silent Night”
  10. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”
  11. “Christmas in New York”
  12.  “Together”
  13. “Happy Days”
  14. “Feliz Navidad” (Target Exclusive)
  15. “It’s Christmas Time Again” (Target Exclusive)

Looking Back on Boy Band Christmas Albums

It’s strange to think that, despite their decades-long career and 100 million record sales worldwide, the Backstreet Boys have never released a Christmas album. From the mid-1980s until the early 2000s, nearly every chart-topping boy band has made a holiday record. Among the most popular were 1989’s “Merry, Merry Christmas” by New Kids On The Block, 1997’s “Snowed In” by Hanson, 1998’s “Home for Christmas” by NSYNC, and 1999’s “This Christmas” by 98 Degrees. However, BSB were part of a compilation album “Platinum Christmas”, which featured other pop icons such as Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, and TLC. That was how they released their big holiday single “Christmas Time.” In fact, it was so popular that they eventually launched a follow-up in 2012, titled “It’s Christmas Time Again.”

Now finally, after 26 years of hit album after hit album, the Backstreet Boys are spreading their own brand of holiday cheer and we want it that way. The Elf Squad can’t wait to hear it in full and dance our hearts out to some new music this Christmas!