Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rent-A-Christmas?

Rent-A-Christmas rents a variety of artificial & real Christmas trees, wreaths, garland & lights to New York City businesses, local residents & even those just visiting for the season. Our Rent-A-Christmas Elves deliver & setup your rental at the beginning of the season, and come back after the holidays to take down all rented decorations, making Rent-A-Christmas the hassle-free way to celebrate Christmas in NYC. This eco-friendly service saves you time, money, and storage space, all while you enjoy your holiday season. All you have to do is hang the ornaments! 

What types of Christmas decorations do you offer as rentals?

We rent artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, garland and lights from inventory and live Christmas trees, wreaths and garland upon request.


Do you deliver to my neighborhood?

Please visit the Rent-A-Christmas Rental Service Area page for specific information about delivery areas.

When can I expect my order?

We do everything we can to accommodate our customers' preferences. After your order is placed, one the Elves will contact you to confirm your order & schedule your delivery. Deliveries typically begin on Black Friday at 8am but can be scheduled prior to Black Friday upon request. Our normal delivery times are 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week, except for Christmas Eve day when deliveries end at 12pm noon. Delivery preference is generally given on a first come, first served basis.

When do you pick up my rental?

We pick up rentals beginning January 3rd and try to complete all pickups by January 10th. If you would like to hang on to Christmas for a wee bit longer, we can accommodate your request for an additional $20, which extends your rental package for one additional week.

How long does it take to set up my rental?

The length of time to decorate your home for Christmas depends on the packages & products you select. However, we here are some approximate timeframes.

Package Set up Timeframe
Feels Like Home 30 minutes
Enchanted Garland 15-30 minutes each
Twinkly Window Dressing 15 minutes each
Welcome All 15 minutes each

 What if the weather is bad on the day of my expected delivery?

We do everything we can to ensure that all orders are fulfilled on schedule but with crowded NYC streets and inclement weather during winter months, delays are bound to occur. Should a delay affect your delivery, we will promptly notify you and make alternative arrangements as necessary.

What happens if something should break or stop working while in my possession?

Naturally in a rental business, products are bound to fault after continued use and we understand that. To this end, we inspect each item before it goes out to a customer.

Should you find damage, malfunctioning, or complete cessation of a product while in your possession, we will open a case and investigate the issue to determine the cause of the fault. If it is determined that the product no longer works and is through no fault of yours, then we will gladly replace that item for the remainder of the season at no charge to you. 

If the damage is deemed to be from something you did, you will be liable for the item accoridng to the following pricing schedule, plus any applicable taxes:

 Item Price
Feels Like Home - 6.5' pre-lit tree $200
Feels Like Home XL - 7.5' pre-lit tree $500
White Christmas Mini - 4' pre-lit tree $125
White Christmas - 6.5' pre-lit tree $200
Ornament $1.75
Star $39.95
Skirt $39.95
Enchanted Garland - Pre-lit Garland $49.95
Welcome All - 20" Wreath $14.95
Welcome All - 24" Wreath $39.95
Welcome All - 30" Wreath $84.95
Welcome All - 36" Wreath $124.95
Welcome All - Battery Operated Lights $44.95
Twinkly Window Dressing - 23' Lights $17.50

By renting from Rent-A-Christmas, you agree to pay these fees in the event that you are deemed responsible for the damage in accordance with our Terms of Service.

What if I want to cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order, you may do so up to 48 hours after your order is placed. After 48 hours, you can receive a 50% refund. After product delivery, no refunds are available. All cancelation requests must be emailed to [email protected], noting your order number in the subject line. 

When is the last day to order?

You can place an order until 11:59pm on December 23 or as otherwise indicated on our website.

Can I rent Christmas as a gift for someone?

Absolutely! However, please ensure the delivery address is in our current service area. Just let us know in the checkout notes that you are purchasing your order as a gift for someone else so we know not to ruin the surprise!

Can I rent Christmas for my office or storefront?

You betcha! Rent-A-Christmas spreads holiday cheer everywhere we can! During checkout you will check the option that will indicate that we are delivering Christmas for a business/storefront. Please keep in mind that our Elves may need to make adjustments in order for our supplies to fit your office space but we can work out those details when we arrive on location.

Can I rent Christmas for my hotel room?

Yes! If you will be staying in New York City for Christmas, we would be happy to set up decorations in your hotel room. During checkout you will check the option that will indicate that we are providing Christmas at a hotel. Please tell us which hotel and room you are staying in by typing these details in the checkout notes.

Can I use my own decorations?

Absolutely! You may combine personal decorations with Rent-A-Christmas decorations but you are completely responsible for setting up and taking down any personal items. The Rent-A-Christmas Elves will not be able to assist you. We'd also like to remind you that we will be collecting our decorations at the end of the season so don't forget to take your prized belongings down as we won't have any way to return lost items to you.

Do the Elves have to come in full uniform?

No. While we love providing the traditional elf experience to all our customers, we understand that sending Elves in full uniform is not appropriate in all situations. If you need the Elves to come in plain clothes please let us know in your order notes at checkout or at your site visit.

Can I pay the Rent-A-Christmas Elves to set up my personal decorations without renting Rent-A-Christmas decorations?

For a variety of reasons, we do not send Elves to customers who have not rented Rent-A-Christmas decorations at this point in time. 

Can I make special rental requests?

Absolutely. Feel free to contact us at (347) 669-1263 or by email on our contact page.

What if an Elf breaks or damages something in my home?

We train our Elves to take care of our customers' belongings and take every other measure possible to ensure accidents never happen, but that is why they are called accidents. If something should break or get damaged, please alert us right away. If we determine after an investigation that the damage was the fault of one our employees then we will absolutely work with you and our insurance carrier to rectify the situation.

Can Rent-A-Christmas provide a Certificate of Insurance?

Yes. Please us know in your checkout notes or during our site visit and we will accommodate your request after payment has been received.

Do I tip the Elves?

By no means are you required to tip the Elves, however, Elves have families too and if you feel your Elves did a great job, you are welcome to offer them tips for their hard work. They would certainly appreciate it. 

Can you get special messages to Santa?

Absolutely. We're always in the North Pole and we'd be happy to bring your messages to the Big Man.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are located in the greatest city in the world, New York City.

Your own magical Christmas awaits. Let's create it together.

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