Rent-A-Christmas COVID-19 Response

Last revised: August 22, 2021

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rent-A-Christmas has been working diligently to maintain a COVID response including best practices for working in and around customers' homes and businesses. Our goal is to make it easy to transform any space into a winter wonderland despite the global crisis.

In addition to initial and on-going sanitization steps taken throughout our spaces, our operating plans & procedures below continue to minimize risk of exposure or transmission of COVID-19 for all our clients & employees. Any changes to our policies will be noted on this Rent-A-Christmas COVID-19 Response page.

  • All employees are required to maintain 6 ft. safe distancing whenever possible 
  • Facial coverings must be worn by employees at all times
  • Implementation of sanitization signage and spacing decals throughout Rent-A-Christmas locations
  • Limited capacity in work rooms
  • Personal items limited to certain areas within Rent-A-Christmas facilities
  • No personal item in client spaces
  • Company issuance of multiple PPE layers for all employees
  • Updated policies regarding working in client spaces
  • Daily COVID screening of all Rent-A-Christmas personnel
  • Strict stay-at-home guidelines for any personnel displaying illness
  • Professional weekly deep clean of Rent-A-Christmas facilities
  • New guidelines on timing of client installations

We would also like to ask our clients to assist us in keeping the Elf Squad safe during their on-site visits, including:

  • Wearing PPE 
  • Maintaining 6 ft. social distancing whenever possible

We will continue to follow CDC & government regulations and guidelines to ensure we are our doing our part to all involved. 

To discuss the Rent-A-Christmas COVID-19 Response or to specify any personal COVID requests, please feel free to contact us.

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