Rent-A-Christmas & Black Lives Matter

Racism has no place in Santa's workshop, or anywhere else. Rent-A-Christmas was founded in celebration of our world's holiday traditions, which are rooted in diversity, inclusion, unity, and most of all, love. The Rent-A-Christmas Elf Squad family stands together with the Black community, including our employees, vendors, clients and friends. We will actively speak out against racism, and work to promote togetherness & understanding, while continuing to seek ways to make the world a brighter, smarter, cheerier place. We believe the true gift of the holidays is its magical benevolence, when all impossibilities can be presented and conquered. We will seek this for our Black community, now and always.

In order to help facilitate discussion or action, we've compiled a list of resources related to the current status of the Black Lives Matter movement. You can download those resources (spreadsheet format) linked below.

Download Resources