How To Select The Best Christmas Tree For Your Space

Choosing the right tree for your space is a critical decision that impacts your enjoyment. Here are some tips to help you choose the best tree for your space.

Know Your Dimensions

Measuring your space is the first critical step towards selecting the best tree. We recommend a tape measure for best results, but if you don't have one handy you can use your feet as a guide. Put one foot in front of the other with your heel of one foot touching the toes of your other then repeat this process to "walk the space". The average men's shoe is 10 and the average women's shoe is 8.5. Multiply the number of "feet" by your shoe size to get approximate dimensions of your space.

Choose A Height

In order for your tree to look right, you'l need at least 18" between the tip of the tree and your ceiling. In New York City, the minimum height requirement for a living space is 8' which means that the best tree for a minimum height ceiling is 6.5'. At 6.5', you will have sufficient room for your tree topper without hitting the ceiling.

Choose A Width

Artificial trees traditionally come in 3 widths: full, medium, slim, and pencil slim.

The diameter of a full width tree is typically 1.5 times less than its height. For example, a 7.5' tree should have a diameter of 5' for it to be considered full width. (7.5 divided by 1.5 = 5).

The diameter of a medium width tree is typically 1.5 to 2 times less than its height. For example, a 7.5' tree would have a diameter range of 3.75' to 5'.

The diameter of a slim width tree is at least 2 times less than its height. That means that the diameter of a 7.5' slim tree would be a maximum of 3.75'.

The diameter of a pencil slim, would be no less than 2.5 times less than its height. A 7.5' pencil slim tree would have a diameter of no more than 3'.

Choose Your Profile

There are two typical profiles for artificial Christmas trees: Conical and Staggered.

Conical Christmas trees are just that - shaped to look like a cone. This profile possesses uniform branches and looks full and formal.

Staggered Christmas trees possess tiers of branches with varied lengths and spacing for a more natural look than their conical counterparts.

The artificial Christmas trees offered in the Rent-A-Christmas Feels Like Home, White Christmas, Winter Wonderland, and Woodland Hills collections are conical, while the Rent-A-Christmas LUXE collection are staggered.

Learn The Different Artificial Needle Types

Artificial Christmas tree needles are made from extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC), molded poly-ethylene (PE), or a combination of the two types. PE offers a more realistic look but typically more expensive. Some trees contain both PE and PVC needles, with PE needles placed in the more conspicuous spots on the tree, typically towards the end of the branch tip. 

Most of the artificial Christmas trees offered in the Rent-A-Christmas Feels Like Home, White Christmas, and Woodland Hills collections possess PVC needles however, several of the larger tree packages in these collections possess a combination of the two types to offer a more realistic look. All trees in the LUXE collection feature PE needles for the most realistic look.

In Conclusion

With these tips you are now armed to make the best possible decision to meet your Christmas decorating needs. If you still have questions, please call us at (347) 669-1263 and one of our Elves will be happy to guide you.

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